The Cross on the Moon

As long as I have lived in this world of God’s,
In His footsteps, I have been taught to trod.

By His word, we are ruled to live
and whenever He asks, to Him we give.  

Through my life I have always heard
God speaks to everyone in some way of words.

The thought has always moved my heart
but I did not know ’til I became a part.  

Yes, God spoke to me tonight
when I looked through my window
at the most beautiful moon I had ever seen.

And around that lovely, lovely moon
I saw an unusual glow from my room.

Yes! It was a cross which I saw there
I still picture it…so holy and fair!  

Today is Good Friday, before Easter, you know
Oh, yes! God does speak in mysterious ways.
That I know!

~ written in 1964, age 16

©️ 2019 princess2ears


If I were a butterfly

If I were a butterfly
And the air was warm with spring
I’d soar and glide through the sky
Not caring about a thing

Then I’d stop to taste each flower
Eat enough to last all day
Filled with food for fuel and power
Off I’d go to fly and play

If I were a butterfly
And the warm days turned to cold
Spin a bed in which to lie
Then my wings around me fold  

Waiting for the cold to pass
I would dream of all the fun
Last Spring in the tall, green grass
‘Neath the warm and shining sun

~ written in 1980, age 32

©️ 2019 princess2ears

Simply Sentimental, Stories of Faith

How I Came to Know Jesus Personally

I was raised in a Baptist church and was there every time the doors were open. I participated in Vacation Bible School, Girls’ Auxiliary (aka G.A.), Sunday School, Training Union and choir. I loved going to church, hearing Bible stories, singing about Jesus and heaven, and having refreshments ha ha!

I had a beautiful, kind, and loving Sunday School teacher when I was in the 4th grade. Every Sunday I looked forward to going to Sunday School and always listened intently to the lessons she taught. Gradually through the early months of that year in Mrs. Crowe’s class, God began to reveal to me that I was a sinner. The Holy Spirit prodded my heart, gently at first, but poked it harder the more I tried to resist. My heart was receiving an invitation to accept Christ, but my rebellious spirit kept saying, “No, I’m not ready to give up ‘self.’ I remember this tug-of-war lasting a few weeks as the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sinful nature.

One Sunday in early winter 1957, I was sitting in Sunday School fighting back tears as my teacher taught us a lesson about Jesus (wish I could remember the lesson now). Everything in my being swelled up, and I had a lump in my throat. I remember feeling like if I didn’t surrender and say yes to the Holy Spirit’s invitation, that I would just explode! At the end of my Sunday School class that morning, I tearfully told my teacher how I felt, and she led me to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. In the worship service that morning, I walked the aisle during the 2nd verse of “Just As I Am.” I surrendered my all to the Lord with the desire to live a Christian life.

My parents weren’t at church the day I gave my life to Christ, and I was disappointed about not sharing the most amazing transformation of my heart with them. However, I remember practically floating on air on my 5-block walk home from church. My guilt and burden of sin had been taken away. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone what had miraculously happened to me…especially my parents!

I was baptized by immersion in January 1958, and I had a hunger and thirst for anything and everything that I could learn about my Lord Jesus Christ!

©️ 2019 princess2ears

Figments of My Imagination

The Summer of ‘62

The summer of ’62 was all about learning cheerleading routines for the upcoming high school football season. Becky loved being on the B team squad for 9th and 10th grade girls. Weekly games were held after school and occasionally on Saturday morning. The coolest benefit of being on the squad was cheering in the third quarter at varsity games.

Jackson noticed Becky at school and asked for her phone number. He called in June politely requesting her mother’s permission to date her. Noting Becky was too young to date at 13 (turning 14 in July), her mother suggested he come over weekly for a home get-to-know-you visit. It also helped that Becky’s older sisters spoke highly of him and his siblings. Good character was an important factor in deciding who your daughter could date.

Wavy blonde hair and blue eyes adorned this handsome guy. He played trumpet in the marching band and would be a senior in the fall. He drove his pale green 1953 Pontiac over on those hot summer nights to get acquainted with Becky under her mother’s watchful eye. Jackson was a gentleman whose own mother and father had trained him well.

When school started, he asked if he could take her to the varsity game, and her father approved double dating. Becky sat close to Jackson on the way home from their first date. They stopped at the hamburger drive-in and then took the other friends home.

The house was dark but the porch light was on. Becky knew this was her parents’ way of saying they trusted her. Jackson opened her car door, and they walked hand in hand to the front porch.

Becky turned toward him as she reached the top step and their blue eyes met. He put his arms around her waist gently pulled her toward him. She wrapped hers around his neck resting her arms on his broad shoulders as their lips met for the first time. A special goodnight kiss to dream about that night. Three months of summer courtship. Just talking and laughing. It was worth the wait.

©️ 2019 princess2ears

Simply Sentimental

Childhood Chores

Mama made me take out the trash, make up my bed, set the dinner table, polish living room plants with mayonnaise, hang clothes on clothesline, bring in clothes from the clothesline, shop at the corner grocery, shell peas and snap beans, crack and shell pecans, and take my turn churning the peach ice cream on the back porch.

Those were my regular chores before age 10. Then I guess Mama thought I had passed the age of breaking things, and I was promoted to dish dryer. We worked our kitchen duty assembly line in an orderly fashion. My older sister washed the dinner dishes and placed them on the drain board to her left, and I stood at the drain board ready to grab the next dish with my towel.

Usually I put everything I dried up in the cabinets and drawers immediately. But sometimes I would dry plates and stack them below the cabinet where they belonged. That was located on the right side counter, and my sister would wash them again. We went round and round a couple of times before I realized she was washing the clean dishes. We laugh about it now. She is 76, and I am 70.

Defrosting the refrigerator was always a dreaded chore for me. Mama always made me help her. She would put a pot of hot water inside, and I had to chisel frost and icicles off with a table knife.

One Saturday Daddy, Mama and I stripped the yellowed wax build up off the kitchen floor. We used paint scrapers, table knives and razor blades inch by inch on our knees all day. Then she would add a fresh coat of wax to make the floor shine bright again.

I confess that I hated hanging the wash on the clothesline and having to take it all down later that day. But now…I would love to sleep on sun-dried sheets and dry with those stiff bath towels that my Mama washed for me.

In my childhood home, I learned about responsibility, team work, organization, cleanliness and so much more!

©️ 2019 princess2ears



I wish I had gone to college after high school while I could still hear

Instead of going 20 years later depending on a note taker and interpreter.

I wish I had lived on my own a few years to learn responsibility

Instead of marrying at 18 because I didn’t want to be an old maid.

I wish I had stayed in my first marriage despite the difficulties

Instead of opting out and breaking up my family.

I wish I had become a school teacher as my aptitude test suggested

Instead of taking clerical jobs just to put a roof over my head.

I wish I had moved far away from my home town when young

Instead of much later in declining health with no energy.

I wish I could have talked to my younger self and warned her

That her adult decisions would have consequences for years to come.

©️ 2019 princess2ears


Southern Tent Meeting

1940’s true story – One of my technology students was a teenager and secretly went with three other teens to a tent meeting in Savannah, Georgia. They were the only whites there.

Little black girls in majorette-type costumes and hats marched up and down the aisles singing to rouse the congregation.

The evangelist was Daddy Grace (Google him if you want to know more), and people would go up to the pulpit and pin dollars of various denominations on his clothing. She never told her parents that she had this adventure with her friends.

Our oldest friends and family members have fascinating tales to share with us if we simply take time to visit and listen.

©️ 2019 princess2ears