HeartSpeak, Simply Sentimental

Mud pies & playmates

After the rain, I loved to walk through the puddles back and forth in front of our house.

It was a dirt road and perfect for squishing mud between my toes after a good rain.

I made the best mud pies with grass and tiny rocks mixed to make it look kinda like Mama’s meatloaf.

I baked them in the sunlight peeking from the clouds.

I was so generous I fed them to my playmates never saving one for myself ha ha!

© 2020 Sheila/princess2ears



I don’t know why…

Ladybugs are red with black spots

An orange fish can look like a clown

The ocean is aqua with foam

A peacock’s neck is long and iridescent blue

Sunflowers are golden yellow and as big as my face

Sparkling white stars shine on a clear night

Amethyst is hard and purple

Rain clouds are gray and snow is white

A panther is black and a tiger has brown stripes

A wolf cries and a hyena laughs

The jellyfish is see-through but can light up

I don’t know why, but I know the Creator!

©️ 2020 Sheila/princess2ears

Simply Sentimental

Too easy

I prayed for a lasting love
With my bandaged heart

The heart that had fallen in love one time too many And healed and forgot the pain

Addicted to love
Maybe that’s it

But your words and kisses
And the time of life we reconnected
Felt like God aligned the moon and stars just for me

Then you told me about the drugs you enjoy
And I felt a wall go up inside of me
The one my mind built around my heart

It was too easy to fall in love with you
It was hard to walk away

© 2020 Sheila/princess2ears


Do you really…

Want your last social media post to be an angry rant about political issues and candidates?

Want your last text to express criticism or disappointment to someone you love?

Want your last phone call to end in a disagreement and bitter words?

Want your last day on earth spent on your computer rather than surrounding yourself with nature?

Want your final night of sleep to be restless because of fear and frustration?

Rest your heart and mind, forgive yourself and others, speak kindly with respect, and go in peace, my friend.

© 2020 Sheila/princess2ears