Limb resistance

Four Mile Creek Greenway

You ignored me growing in your way
Perhaps your boardwalk would stunt my growth
Living underneath everyone’s feet in the dark
Maybe that’s what you thought

Go for a walk on your fancy wooden path now
But slow down as you pass me by again
I might just trip you up for a dip in the creek
My persistence and desire to grow outwitted you

© 2021 All Rights Reserved

HeartSpeak, Simply Sentimental

Prescription filled

Schroeder at 5 weeks old

No more days of loneliness
I am getting a puppy to love
To snuggle with me on lonely nights
And walk with me at the crack of dawn

Beds and bones and squeaky toys
A leash and collar and harness, too
Beef training treats and biscuit cookies
A shoulder sling carrier and a playpen

My empty home is full of expectation
With barking, whining, jumping and kisses
Expected on my birthday very soon
A special gift from me to me

The doctor prescribed a dog
An emotional support animal
To ease years of anxiety and depression
A pet is the best medicine of all

~ Sheila – I named him Schroeder. He is a longhair English cream miniature dachshund born 5/31/21

Figments of My Imagination, HeartSpeak

Silence is deafening

Courtesy of Pexels

They say opposites attract
But compatibility is not guaranteed

We disagreed on an important issue
Harsh words exchanged impulsively

Then you shut down the last four miles
I had my fill of your silence

Two can play that game
I turned off my cochlear devices

Retreating into my silent world
I left my sandals behind to walk alone

Never looking back, I walked home
Unaware you were calling out my name

Seeking reconciliation and compromise
We were both wrong to be silent

© 2021 All Rights Reserved


Proud American

Courtesy of Pixabay

Every time I see the grand old flag of stars and stripes
Every time I hear America the Beautiful or The Star Spangled Banner
Every time I see a sailor, marine, soldier or airman in uniform
Every time I see the Statue of Liberty
Every time I watch a bald eagle soar through the sky
Every time I see a parade and bystanders holding babies and flags
I get a lump in my throat that I can’t swallow
I can’t see through the continuous flow of tears
It gets me every time

© 2021 All Rights Reserved
Proud to be a citizen of the United States of America


America’s Faith – 1965

Pike’s Peak (Pixabay photo).
Katharine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful”
after visiting Pikes Peak in Colorado, 1893.

Oh how beautiful my native country because of azure, spacious skies

And majestic mountains and rolling grassy plains

For this alone would I die

America, my America, God loves thee oh so well

So stay clean, loving and pure, and do not fall

God gave you life, America

Stand on His strength and hold close your faith

And you shall not fail

© 2021 All Rights Reserved
Sheila, age 16, written in 1965


A Flower 1964

Courtesy of Pexels

When one finds a beautiful, enchanting flower, he plants it, takes very special care of it, and watches it grow to be even more beautiful.

Also, when one finds that certain person who fills his heart with sunshine, love begins and this is the planting.

He cherishes his one and only and he takes very special care of it.

Then, every day this flower-like love grows to be even more beautiful and so much stronger – that it becomes everlasting.

© 2021 All Rights Reserved
~ Sheila, age 15, Spring 1964